BBAC Members’ Site

Welcome to the BBAC Members’ site. Here you will be able to access information and benefits exclusively for BBAC members. This site covers all BBAC services: pilot and crew training, technical support and the BBAC Maintenance Organisation, a wealth of knowledge around aspects of flying, including safety, airspace and digital mapping, and the library of digitised Aerostat magazines and Pilots’ Circulars.

The BBAC was founded in 1965 and has grown since then through the help of many members and volunteers. We would like to thank all of those who have contributed to its development over the years. We have therefore created this BBAC Appreciation Wall. This is our ever growing list of people the BBAC wish to thank for their support, service and dedication to UK Ballooning over the years. These people were officers, committee members or volunteers who have helped keep balloons flying over Britain.
This is a big list and we apologise if anyone has been missed off, so please do get in touch with us, if a name is missing.

Adam Gorman

Ailsa Spindler

Alan Kirk

Alan Noble

Alec Jenkinson

Andrew Holly

Andy Booth

Andy Caie

Angela Bird

Angela Chadwick

Angela Smith

Ann Baker

Ann Brown

Anne Jones

Anne Lewis-Smith

Anthony Rose

Anthony Smith

Arthur Street

Barbara Green

Barbara Turner

Brian Jones

Brian Trowbridge

Caroline Booth

Celia Hall

Celia Redhead

Chris Dunkley

Colin Butter

Colin Wolstenholme

Crispin Williams

Dave Turner

David Bareford

David Barker

David Court

David Davis

David Dokk-Olsen

David Liddiard

Derek Belton

Derek Grimshaw

Derry Moore

Dick Wirth

Don Cameron

Ed Lubbock

Ellie Gingell

Fiona Waite

Gary Palmer

Geoff Westley

Gerry Turnbull

Glen Everett

Glenn Barrett

Glyn Jones

Graeme Clark

Graham Gordon

Graham Hallett

Hannah Cameron

Ian Ashpole

Ian Chadwick

Ian Comley

Ian Culley

Ian Hooker

Ian Jacobs

James Green

Jan Mitchinson

Peter Mossman

Jean Philip

Jenni D’Alton

Joe Philip

Joel Down

John Baker

John Christopher

John Fenton

John Tyrell

John Wilkinson

John Woods

Julia Bayly

Julian Hensey

Julian Nott

Kevin Meehan

Laurie Ryan

Lee Hooper

Lesley Vickery

Lesley Willoughby

Lindsay Muir

Liz Meek

Lorna Sambrook

Marcus Green

Martin Moroney

Mike Gabb

Mike Gunston

Mike Moore

Mike Scholes

Mike Willoughby

Neil Robertson

Nigel Tasker

Norman Apsey

Norman Pritchard

Pat Pruchnickyj

Patricia Pedler

Paul Keane

Paul Spellward

Peter Bish

Peter Langford

Peter Vale

Phil Dunnington

Piers Glydon

Ray Bailey

Richard Allen

Richard Hatton

Richard Wiles

Robin Batchelor

Robin Waite

Rodney Whittaker

Roger Barrett

Roger Brown

Roger Dixon

Roy Boyle

Royston Cooper

Rupert Stanley

Shelly Burnett

Stephanie Hemmings

Stephen Jones

Steve Moss

Sue Jones

Susan Barley

Ted Moore

Terry Adams

Terry McCoy

Thomas Holt-Wilson

Tim Godfrey

Tim Wilkinson

Tina Stephens

Tom Donnelly

Tom Orpin

Tom Sage

Tony Patey

Tony Pinner

Victor Thorne

Wendy Rousell

William Chadwick

Wyn Morgan

Zoe Millman